With a farm-to-table approach, the Foundation’s farmers are at long last insulated from exploitative trade practices. Not only do we make sure that their produce is purchased at a higher price than the regular markets, we assist in the procurement of all their agricultural infrastructure requirements–seeds, seedlings, water pumps, drip irrigation, greenhouses to protect their produce from the unpredictability of seasons, most especially with the onset of climate change. We search for direct consumer markets and help intensively with distribution.

As a result, our most productive and most motivated farmers have done very well. For the first time in their lives, our farmers are able to contribute to Social Security and PhilHealth, all because of kind-hearted buyers who buy their produce directly with every peso going back to them as income and for their much-needed infrastructure. We continue to expand our livelihood programs to accommodate more and more interested townsfolk who desire to embrace GreenEarth’s programs and mission.